Hello! I'm Sarah Kelly.

Planning a wedding is so exciting and fun but it can also be extremely stressful. You've never done any of this before! Now you're expected to understand everything about dress styles, makeup trends, catering options, venue locations, and on top of that you're now supposed to be a professional model. It's crazy! Luckily that's why you found me. I've photographed so many weddings and know how to pose my clients so they look stunning and natural. A lot of my clients feel very uncomfortable in front of the camera before we start working together, but with a little guidance throughout the session they're rocking portraits like they do it for a living!

I am overcome with joy when I create a portrait that I know will be cherished and admired for generations. Providing this service to my couples is so incredibly fulfilling - knowing that they can trust me to get everything right. I am so honored that I am invited to share in such important and personal moments in your lives.

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